Now you will know how your brain works


Performing applied studies and developments in the neurotechnologies field


Want to have "feedback" from your body? Know what reacts to your brain and how? Multiply its performance by several times? Before this was only possible in laboratory conditions, but today such devices can be used at home as well.

Devices for measuring the activity of the cerebrum, as well as indicators of the functioning of other organs, are called neurogadgets. We develop them so that you can control the sleep process, model your dreaming, track your brain's functioning during physical workloads, etc.

The study

We conduct the study in 3 stages:

  • Selection of the target audience based on the customer's needs
  • The study itself using special equipment
  • Analysis of the data

For maximum point measurement of the neurophysical reactions, we use iTrackers, polygraphs, electroencephalographs, and high resolution cameras to record even the smallest changes in the expression of the face and correlate this with certain processes going on in the brain.


We study the market and the consumer by applying a modern scientific approach. We use innovative technologies and determine with a high level of accuracy consumers' unconscious reaction to a certain material. That is what neuromarketing is.

Such an approach is necessary, firstly, for companies that want to strengthen their positions on the market, promote their brand, or just enhance the effectiveness of already existing advertising. The studies we conduct help us find the visual, audio, or kinesthetic image that brings necessary information to consumers as quickly and clearly as possible.


Join the NEUROSTART team

And you will get valuable experience working in the sphere of neurotechnologies. We are not just looking for professionals, but like-minded people -- those who are willing to get engaged in work from the first day, develop together with the company, and make a new discovery every day.

Patent specialist

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Conducting patent searches in Russian and foreign databases;
  • Conducting specialized searches in order to identify the possibility of trademark registration;
  • Conducting a patent search and analyzing invention’s novelty profile in order to determine its patentability;


  • 2-3 years experience as a patent specialist, patent attorney assistant or Rospatent expert;
  • University degree;
  • Analytical skills, effectiveness, communication skills, ability to analyze and process large amounts of data;
  • Experience in records management;

English: ability to read and comprehend professional literature, written communication skills.

Software system analyst

Main responsibilities:

  • Analysis and negotiation business — requirements for development/changing
  • Developing and formalizing technical requirements for products;
  • Writing technical tasks for developers;
  • Monitoring time periods for implementing work specifications;
  • Administering projects;
  • Writing instructions for resolving standard incidents;
  • Creating different statistics and analyzing data;
  • Interacting with developers, testers, analysts, etc.;
  • Testing and accepting ready products.

Important for us:

  • Experience in developing mobile software;
  • Experience formalizing project descriptions in work specifications (experience
    formalizing requirements);
  • An analytical mindset;
  • Experience participating in team software development;
  • Experience in creating a team;
  • Developed communication and organizing skills;
  • English: at least able to ready professional literature and written communication

We offer:

  • The ability to use your experience on an international level in interesting
  • The ability to work based on a flexible schedule;
  • Working in a comfortable business center just a step away from Tulskaya subway
  • Creation in accordance with the labor code of the Russian Federation;
  • Salary level discussed individually with a successful candidate, depending on the
    knowledge and experience level;
  • No dress code;
  • Loyal management.

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